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Sabbath school classes are the heartbeat of our church community. Each week we spend time learning from Scripture and from each other. The adult Sabbath School class is led by Dr. Ken McNulty using PowerPoint presentations to help students understand the information of the lesson and help focus discussion that will apply important biblical truths from the lesson to our lives.

Our Sabbath school fellowship begins at 10:45 a.m. Children's classes begin immediately while adult Sabbath school opens with a short program in the sanctuary which can consist of singing, inspirational thoughts, mission stories, and special features. After the opening program, the adult class is taught in the sanctuary beginning at about 11:00 am.

Current Adult Sabbath School Lesson:

The adult Sabbath School lessons are prepared by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, usually by one of the scholars or theologians of the church.  These lessons are published in the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide which is published quarterly and provided free to each student.  To study on line, click the link in the previous sentence.

This quarter our Study Guide is entitled The Book of James.  It is a study guide of the book of James found toward the end of the New Testament.  There are several men named James that are mentioned in the New Testament.  The most prominent was the apostle James, the brother of John and the son of Zebedee.  However, James the son of Zebedee, one of the inner circle of disciples along with Peter and John, was killed by Herod Agrippa as recorded in Acts 12:2.  We know that Herod Agrippa died in 44 AD, so it is unlikely that James the son of Zebedee wrote the book of James.  The most likely James to write this book is "James the Just," who was the brother of Jesus of Nazareth.  From the gospel accounts, it is likely that James was an older "half-brother" of Jesus, Joseph's oldest son by a previous marriage.  It was this James that became the leader of the Jerusalem church and presided over the Jerusalem council recorded in Acts 15.  As the brother of Jesus, James had a unique perspective on the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  While it does not appear that he was a disciple of Jesus during Jesus' earthly ministry, it appears that the resurrection had a profound effect on James, along with many others who were eyewitnesses of the risen Lord.   

James is a practical book that focuses on living the truth, not just professing the truth.  It encourages believers to put into action the example of Jesus and live in a way that would please God and bless others.  It tells us how to handle doubt and temptation, what kind of attitude we should have toward the rich and the poor, the importance of controlling our tongue, how to pray for the sick, the importance of submitting to God, and the importance of honesty and truthfulness.  Join us this quarter as we explore this practical book and seek to apply it's admonition to the way we live each day. 

Below are posted the PowerPoint presentations for lessons presented so far.  Click on the lesson and choose "Open" or "Save."  To View PowerPoint Presentations on this site without purchasing the MicroSoft PowerPoint application, you need PowerPoint Viewer.  Get it here for free.  (Search Site for PowerPoint Viewer). 

If you are a Sabbath School teacher, you may use the lessons in your own preparation and presentation.  Your comments and questions on the lessons are welcome (mcnultyk@comcast.net). 

(Note on posting: I will do my best to post the lesson by Thursday night, Eastern Standard Time.  The first post is seldom the final version.  Please check back for additions, corrections, and updates.) 

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Lessons from last quarter. 

 Lesson 1   No lesson this week: On vacation (5 July 2014)

 Lesson 2 

  Lesson 3

 Lesson 4   No lesson this week: On vacation (26 July 2014)

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