Christian School Grades 1 - 8




                      Amesbury SDA School is located in a rural setting in S. Hampton, NH

A number of students from the Haverhill area attend the Amesbury Seventh-day Adventist School located in the greater Amesbury area in S. Hampton, NH.  Car pooling arrangements can be made to help with transportation.  

Our school has outstanding facilities in a rural location as can be seen from the pictures included on this page.  The facilities include two well-equipped classrooms for grades 1 through 4 and grades 5 through 8, a computer lab, a worship room, a gymnasium, a fully equipped kitchen, rest rooms, picnic pavilion, soccer field, playground, and much more.  However, the greatest asset of this school is the husband and wife teaching team of Julie and Dick Kamieneski (Mr. & Mrs. K).  Julie teaches grades 1 thorough 4 and also serves as principal of the school.  Dick teaches the advanced grades of 5 - 8.  Both are committed Christians with a love for the Lord and a love for their students.  Christian values are not just taught they are "caught."  Our teachers are committed not just to the intellectual development of their students, but also to their emotional, moral, physical, and spiritual development.  



Classroom for Grades 1 - 4

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Classroom for Grades 5 - 8.

 Amesbury Seventh-day Adventist School

If you have children in grades 1 - 8 please consider the advantages of Christian education.  The Bible teaches that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but public schools go out of their way to make sure that God is not even mentioned in the educational life of their students.