Children's Sermons

Gospel Centered Object Lessons


How can we capture the attention of our young people and communicate to them the truth of God's word? One of the best ways is with object lessons that can be used to illustrate biblical truth.  Jesus was a master at using object lessons to teach about the Kingdom of God.  "Behold the fowls of the air.  They sow not neither do they reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them... Behold the lilies of the field, how they grow. They toil not neither do they spin.  And yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." (Matt 6:26-29)  Objects catch the attention of our audience and allow us to draw parallels to spiritual truth.  Of course, the greatest spiritual truth we can teach is the gospel of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.  

Below are children's sermons that have been presented by Dr. Ken McNulty as part of the worship service at the Haverhill SDA church.  Each sermon begins with a title, a theme, an object(s), and a Bible text.  These are followed by notes that can be used in presenting the sermon.  You are encouraged to modify these notes as necessary to connect with your particular audience and to  make the children's sermon your own.  No claim of originality is made for many of these ideas, only for the way they are presented.  You are welcome to use these notes in your own preparation and presentation.  You may want to keep the objects in a carry bag until the time they are displayed.

The children's sermons are given below with the reverse sequence date (yymmdd) so that the sermons appear in chronological order with the most recent at the bottom of the list.  The title gives a quick clue about the subject.  The date is often useful for finding a sermon that touches on a particular holiday.  The files are in Microsoft Word format.  Sometimes weeks will be skipped if the guest speaker has a children's sermon or if our church has a combined service with another church or at camp meeting time.  After three or four years, the sermons can be repeated since the children grow up and move on.

May God bless you as you minister to the little lambs of your fold.


150103 New Year - A Time to Know Jesus

150110 Listen and Learn

150117 A Lamp unto my Feet

150124 Watch Your Words

150131 Super Bowl Sunday

150207 Pride Goes before a Fall

150214 God's Valentine

150228 What Makes Balloons Fly

150307 Follow the Pattern

150314 Saint Patrick and His Enemies

150321 A White Stone

150328 He Took Our Punishment

150404 He's Alive!

150411 Thermometer or Thermostat

150418 Can You See Jesus?

150425 Surprised to See Jesus

150502 It's What's Inside that Counts

150509 Worn Out

150516 Dandelions

150523 Memorial Day

150530 Choose God's Way

150627 A Sample for Jesus

150718 Getting into Camp Winnekeag

150808 Put God First

150815 Growing Big

150822 Invisible but Real

150829 Onion Christians

150905 Put on Your PPE

150912 Pretzels and Prayer

150919 Finish the Race

150926 Heaven's Puzzle

151003 ID Bracelet

151010 Tug of War

151015 Choose Carefully

151024 Champion Jumper

151031 You have been Chosen

151107 A Place for You

151128 God is Real

151205 Jesus is the Greatest

151212 The Greatest Gift

151219 Candy Cane Bible Promise

151226 The Unopened Gift


160102 Party in Heaven

160109 Saved from Fire

160116 God's Plumb Line

160123 The Gospel According to You

160206 Unique Snowflakes

160213 Snowmen and Real Men

160220 Butterfly or Caterpillar

160227 Molded by God

160305 Clickers and Prayer

160312 Let Go of Sin

160319 In Rhythm

160326 In the Book!

160402 Conversion - A Home Run

160409 Let Your Light Shine

160416 Safe in Jesus

160423 Resist the Devil

160430 Now is the Time

160514 Make Jesus Your Respirator

160528 Freedom Isn't Free

160604 Directed by the Lord

160611 The Force Within

160702 Independence Day

160709 Your Purpose

160716 Harvest Time

160723 Hide and Seek

160806 He'll Keep You from Falling

160813 Beating the Heat on Judgment

160820 Run with Endurance

160910 A Party in Heaven

160917 Four Hundred and Ninety

160924 Smooth Stones

161001 Flying South in Formation

161008 Mass Storage

161015 Fight the Cavities of Sin

161022 Key Card

161029 Pest Alarm

161105 Stay Busy

161112 Freedom to Vote

161119 Play Life God's Way

161126 Give Thanks

161203 Huddle Up!

161210 No Room for Jesus!

161224 Room for Jesus!

161231 Time to Say Yes to Jesus


170107 Stay Connected to Jesus

170121 Stay Out of the Trap

170128 Good Report Card

170204 Super Bowl Sunday Again

170211 Faith or Fear

170218 Shining for Jesus

170225 Temporary and Permanent

170304 Choices and Habits

170311 Measuring God's Love

170318 Humility and Pride

170401 Barcode

170415 Surprise!

170422 Believe It or Not Supplement

170422 Believe It or Not!

170429 Our Hidden Friend

170506 Gift Card

170513 The Most Creative Job in the World

170520 The Glove of the Spirit

170527 The Invitation

170701 Liberty and Justice for All

170708 Broken to Shine

170715 Sword of the Spirit

170722 Helmet of Salvation

170805 Jesus is Knocking

170812 Perfect Circles

170819 Pierced

170902 Don't Get Distracted

170909 The Too Busy Jar

170916 Seeing Clearly

170923 Dead End

170930 Brand Name Christians

171007 You're Invited

171014 In God We Trust

171021 Measuring Up

171028 Hallowed Evening

171111 Camouflage

171118 One Came Back

171202 The Deal of a Lifetime

171209 Call His Name Jesus

171216 God's Christmas Star

171230 New Year's Maze


180106 Keeping Your Resolution

180113 Two Boxes; Different Contents

180120 Just One Hole

180210 Agony of Defeat

180217 What's Your Reaction Time?

180303 The Helmet of Salvation

180310 The Weight of Sin

180317 Overcome Every Obstacle

180331 I Have Seen the Lord

180421 Sin Detector

180428 The Right Brush

180714 Great Stuff

180804 Zip Line

180818 Safe in Jesus

180825 Journey of Faith

180901 Jesus Needs Workers

180908 Operation Rescue

180915 Combination Lock

180922 Huddle Up

180929 Stay in the Lines

181006 Faith Like Columbus

181013 Look Where You're Going

181020 Shaping Play Dough

181027 The Greatest Disguise in the World

181110 Baseball Champs

181117 Waterproof Boots

181124 Turkey Pardon

181208 Mary had a Little Lamb

181215 Herod the Grinch

181222 God's Kiss


190112 Some Taken, Others Left

190119 Underdog or Top-dog

190126 Weakened by Sin

190202 Satan's Trap

190223 Waze

190323 The Eyes of Faith

190406 Love Holds Us Together

190413 Jesus Took Our Punishment

190420 He Took Our Sins

190427 Doubting Thomas

190504 Penalty Box

190511 Actions Speak Louder than Words

190518 The Magic Gossip Box

190601 Walking through Doors

190608 The Twinkling of an Eye

190615 Safe in Jesus

190706 Explosive Hazard

190720 Harvest Time

190803 Tomato Blight

190810 Dead or Alive

190817 Inside Out Christians

190914 Our Intelligent Designer

190921 Like New

191005 Thermostat or Thermometer

191109 The Devil and Duck Hunting

191123 Thanksgiving Mystery Word

191228 This One Thing I Do


200118 The Fruit of the Spirit

200201 Super bowl Sunday

200208 God in the Center

200307 Corona Virus and Sin

200502 My Stains are Gone

200530 Taste and See

200613 Hidden Treasure

200620 Killed by Ants

200627 The Comforter

200704 Proclaim Liberty

200711 The Mustard Seed

200725 Reservations

200801 Cabbage Worms

200808 Tomato Stakes and Ties

200815 Shield of Faith

200822 Back to School

200829 Joy in Heaven


210213 The Goat

210227 Whitening Strips

210313 Thermometer or Thermostat

210515 Compass a Reliable Guide

210603 Graduation Rom 8-28

210612 Make Jesus Your Respirator

210619 Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

210731 Go for the Gold

210904 Carpenter Bees

210918 In God We Trust

211016 Buckeye Fight

211030 Key to the Kingdom


Jesus had a special place in His heart for children.  He said, "Let the little children to come to me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven." (Matt 19:14)  Our worship services should feature a time when our children can feel they are included in worshipping God.  This is a time when we can connect with these little ones, capture their attention, and lead them to see the truth of God's word and how it is to be lived out in their lives.